A “telamon” is a male statue used as a pillar to support structures. Telamones are an eclectic rock duo that make hard-hitting, pop-esque rock.The riff doting dyad moves from bluesy bouts, to dancey EDM-esque rhythms, and into sly sequences reminiscent of the early 2000's Indie-Rock Boom.

Chris Wald (Guitar/Vocals) and Zach Gonet (Drums/Vocals) are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The two first met in Farmington, their childhood hometown, whose only major claim to fame is consuming the most Moutain Dew per capita (seriously) . After high school, the pair set their sights on the Twin Cities. There, they quickly became immersed in the local community; performing in bands and creating the DIY venue "Calico Cove" with the intent of giving artists in all walks of life a space to showcase their sounds, visuals, and ideas.

Zach Gonet: Drums/Vocals                                                                Chris Wald: Guitar/Vocals