A “telamon” is a male statue used as a pillar to support structures. Telamones are an eclectic rock duo that make hard-hitting, pop-esque rock.The riff doting dyad takes influence from rock duos Death From Above, Royal Blood, and The White Stripes as well as the more sizeable rostered Arctic Monkeys and Queens of The Stoneage.

Chris Wald (Guitar/Vocals) and Zach Gonet (Drums/Vocals) are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where they utilize full-tones and analog noise to fuel their search for clever riffs and grooves.

The two first met in Farmington, their childhood hometown, whose only major claim to fame is consuming the most Moutain Dew per capita (seriously) . After high school, the pair set their sights on the Twin Cities. There, they quickly became immersed in the local community; performing in bands and creating the DIY venue "Calico Cove" with the intent of giving artists in all walks of life a space to showcase their sounds, visuals, and ideas.

Zach Gonet: Drums/Vocals                                                                Chris Wald: Guitar/Vocals